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Each and Every Moment


“ONCE UPON A TIME”…..well isn’t it the way all stories start? But so many time so many things happen and the imprint gets logged in heart in such fine way as if it’s today… apt would be to start a narration with “EACH AND EVERY MOMENT”.

When I close my eyes, I see “U”, I remember the day when we first met. Nothing major outwardly happened, the world went on its way, but like a true TV serial, the world actually stopped for me in some sense. We all may have moved on with our lives but part of me is still waiting and cherishing you, like in a time warp. With u smiling through your eyes, and me just watching you, spell bound, speechless, as if in a trance. The funny thing is you never realized what effect your smile had on me then and still does. If my silence could speak, it would have conveyed, the ups and downs of my heartbeat.

It was taboo for a girl to propose, it was a wait, a very agonizing wait. Every time you spoke, or just looked in the direction where I was, I willed with my whole being for you to realize “ that you felt the same way, as I did”, what you didn’t realize, was my silent love for you. And when you spoke it were always you speaking to a little girl, not a woman in love. How I wished you could see, the woman I was.

And then you were gone for a long long time. And all that time I carried your picture in my wallet, hiding it from all and stealing  glances when nobody was around  and waited. Only my bestie, my friend knew all and together we shared stories and told all. And finally I threw that picture away. I might not have that picture anymore with me, but I still get that sheer drop of heartbeat when your eyes, your smile surface.

Funny, that you may not be a part of my life anymore, but you still are. We might be miles away, unaware of our places in life, but I still know you through the eyes, that smile and speak, to me even now at  “EACH AND EVERY MOMENT” when I dare to let myself wander through the past.




DAD, Just a three letter word,

But a pillar of strength

Soft and mellow at heart,

But truly a wall of rock.


A guru, a friend

my DAD is my,

Beacon of light

Guiding constantly,

Standing by all times.

Whether Good or bad.


Never seen a tear in his eyes,

Though his heart cries.

For pieces of his heart,

Whenever they take a fall.


DAD won’t let us get lost

Holding his finger,

Walking by his side

Can cross any hurdles

And walk the hardest miles.


His love knows no end

Silent but still so loud

Gentle but still so strong

DAD a three letter word

Like a HUG, always around.






Life is a Journey,

With new Beginnings coming along every day

New Sunrises, new Rainbows spreading joy on every face


Life is a Sea,

With myriad emotions coming ashore

Bringing along newer highs and newer lows


Life is a Bouquet,

With some fresh flower, and fresher hues

Coloring the world with brightest strokes


Life is a Song,

With lyrics so different each time

Singing and humming a sweeter tune


Be it a journey, sea, bouquet or a song,

Each with its own meaning, its own joy

Life does bring across some moments

That ones feels should be bygones


But isn’t it lovely that each goes by so fast

And LIFE starts loving LIFE again so much more

And we start loving Life beyond all hope.

Starting a new Journey


IMG_0182Well it might sound, I am travelling to a new place, or on a voyage, but the journey I am writing about is from couch to 10K (6.2 miles) run!!

Actually I have always admired people who run marathons and are runners for their goal and dedication. I have wanted to run since a long time, and so in a moment of don’t know what???,  I actually went ahead and signed up for a 10 K run, not 1, not 5, but 10K.  I might not be sounding coherent, but that’s what I did, without any prior experience or running. To speak mildly,  I am not a runner (:.

I started thinking seriously after gaining a lot of weight back, which I had lost last year, over the summer break . After procrastinating for two weeks, I actually went ahead and registered for the run, paid the amount and set myself a goal. I am blogging this to keep myself true to my goal. Even if I can get half way through I will be happy, ultimate goal is to be fit and healthy and be confident that I can do it too.

And hence I start a journey of 14 weeks to 10k, health, hard work and perseverance!

Week 1, Day 1

Today was day 1, it was hard to push myself to start my first day, but I then did and  went ahead on a 30 mt circuit with walking, running, alternating between the two, completing two miles. By the time I finished, I was questioning myself, why am I doing it?  It was hard but I hope to keep up. Felt tired initially, but then a sense of I can do it overcame.

Join me in my journey, in this virtual world, first few weeks might be boring, since I would be concentrating on catching my breath, but I guess I will be able to tell more stories, share music and experiences.

See u soon, back on my journey…..

love and live life!! Cheers!!

Reacharcs.. A circle of love


My blog id is Reacharcs, which I did coin by simply putting the first initial of my family members name and adding the word reach to it.. so it essentially meant reach the ARCS….coming together to make Reacharcs…but it did have another dimension, another meaning  to it, namely;

R eaching

E eternity with

A bundant

C aptivating

H armonious

A rdent

R elations

C ulminating in

S afe

Circle of love…my heaven…my Home

Should I say sorry? Again??


Should I say sorry? Again??

It’s funny how life takes a turn and one finds oneself at the same corner after what seems a long span of time albeit a totally different situation.

I still remember almost two years back, I was frustrated, seething with fury and pained at the agony of being ridiculed for my weight issues, which had in the first place prompted me to ask myself..“Should I say “sorry””. And here I am again today asking the same question.

My question back then and even today was why are people so ignorant to sensitivities and emotions of other people. And why don’t they think twice before commenting on somebody else’s life situation, physical attributes or lifestyle.

Two years back, I had cried bad, and I was so disturbed by non stop judgment of others as how big I looked or how the clothes won’t fit me or simply “madam we don’t have your size” and believe me I was not even really really overweight. It was the attitude or coarseness, which made me cry, not my physical size.

I actually had a relative comment, if you don’t watch what you eat and simply not do anything whole day, you will be the way you are. As if I loved being overweight, and as if he was running my household on a daily basis, living my life struggles and tackling my health issues. Anyways that was then…..

And today when my situation is more conducive towards a more constructive weight loss, I run into people who are like”” Oh my God” what have you done” and believe me it’s not in a nice way, another one that makes me cringe is “besharm Kitna exercise karegi, translated literally, shameless, how much are you going to exercise”. And then there are those at parties, who would actually count every morsel I eat and comment ” how much dieting are you going to do”. I have had people who actually see that am I eating all the fatty, fried food or not.

Irony is that once I was questioned and commented on being not the right size, and today I have people judging me as to how much I work out or how much I am eating to loose weight and to maintain my lesser size body, and how beemaar (not well) I look.

Does it really matter to any one how I look, I was not hurting people when I was overweight (I still am, though considerably less), nor am I hurting anybody by exercising or keeping a check on what I eat. It was my body then, it is my body now which I am pushing hard to loose the weight or starving myself, it is my choice based on my circumstances. Why do I have to be called names.

What I do not understand is that why do people don’t think twice before saying anything. Does it really take that much brains to realize what one is saying might hurt the other person. what it takes is a little empathy and a lot of heart to be nice to others. One may not be hurting others by being physically imperfect or perfect, but one can be really hurtful by the mere words they speak.

I was beautiful then to whom I mattered and I am beautiful even now to whom I belong to or loved by, No Matter What!



Walking by the moonlight

Hand in hand, side by side

Whispering sweet nothings

Drowning in each others eyes

That sweet moment to hold

That sight, that face to behold


Beautiful is the moment of love

When one is lost to oneself

And gets complete at

The sight of darling beloved

Which brings joy and life

And oh! what peace of mind


But those sweet nothing’s

Loose their worth,

When Those deep eyes are

Nowhere to be found

With the moon in the clouds

The shadows are drowned


What loves gives to oneself

Is a mystery beyond

Is it love, or pleasure

Is it softness of heart

Or jewels or treasure

Is it emptiness of soul

Or just Sea of tears

Deep and so profound

Cup of tea..with a friend


For a friend and then some more friends…

Friends…what do I say about them…they have made me laugh, they have been there for me through thick and thin and yes, they have let me down too. Just when you think everything is good, you have one of those moments.

I have been always pretty popular among my friends, and I make friends pretty easily too…I have always found it very easy to talk to new people but am also one of those who don’t get close to a person very easily, thus I have friends and then some. Since my school days and till now, when am a mother of too, a lot of faces have been part of me, and each and every face has given me lots of love, laughter, and also some sorrows.

Even before the Facebook and the orkut era, I somehow managed to be in touch with my friends from college and high school, but then when you move on with life and it’s responsibilities, you do tend to loose touch with some, and however much you want, you cannot keep up.

Such is one of my friend, whom I always remembered, and always thought how nice it would be to see and to talk to her, hear her and to laugh with her. In the past whenever I would go to India, I would want to go knock on her mom’s door and see what she is up to and how and where she is. Through social networking I have found a lot of my old classmates but not her.

And this last India trip, don’t know what came into my mind, on my way back home from some place, I asked the driver to turn around and go to the neighborhood where she used to live, not remembering, which exactly was her house, since with time the houses had changed, the bungalows had changed, many new had come up.

But gathering my courage and leaving my family in the car, I knocked on a door which looked familiar, and a teenage girl greeted me and looked at me, as to what this stranger is doing here, and then with sheer feeling of embarrassment I gathered the courage and asked her, “is this the house of….”, and the teenager in turn interrogated me as to who I was?

I told her haltingly, I am Rashmi a friend of……., does she know her, and then she called her grandfather. And one look at the gentleman, I knew I was at the right doorstep. With renewed enthusiasm I explained the situation to him, and told him my maiden name, to jog his memory of me from the past. Almost after twenty odd years, there was nothing similar left to my old identity especially when in those days I had short cropped hair, and a very slim frame…I know few of you might be giggling now.

But as usual my maiden name did the trick since they knew me more from that then my given name since their daughter and me shared our first name. Uncle welcomed me and told me about my friend, and I asked him where was aunty, and he told she was out, but gave me the directions to where she was, insisting I see her. I went o the park where a group of ladies were sitting, and for a second, couldn’t recognize the face, and then it stuck me, and all the memories came back of his loving, gentle woman came back, who had given so much love and affection to us.

I said hi, and waited for her to recognize me , but after a split second said, my name, the slow gleam of familiarity spread into her eyes and then she smiled at me, what beautiful smile. she hugged me and was so happy to see me, in fact she told all her other friends about me and how I used to come and spend time with her.

It was such a pleasant and refreshing feeling to reconnect with another gem of the past. Aunty invited me for tea, which regretfully I had to decline, she walked over to see my family in the car, blessed me and then I had to leave her, but by then I had the number and quite a few details of my friend in the current state of life.

Next morning, I called the number given, and waited to hear the familiar voice, not knowing exactly what she would think of this call and also was not sure how she would react. Would she be as reciprocative of my reaching out to her, or would she be least bothered, but my worries were short lived, after mistaking me for her two others friends, she finally connected the dots and she was as happy and excited as I was and as warm as I remembered her.

In the past I have had this experience where the person connected does not make an effort to be in touch, and one feels like a little bit of a fool, as to why did one made all the efforts But not this time, it did not happen, my friend made me proud, and our friendship proud, she called me back, she kept in touch and she filled my heart with the warmth, she is famous for.

 Can’t wait for my next India trip, for a cup of tea at her mom’s place with her.


Some time back I wrote a poem in Hindi titled “Maa”, which means mother. For my friends who do not know Hindi, here is an attempt in English, honoring my mother- who is also my best friend and also little angel- my daughter.

My little, tiny angel

Dancing in the sun

Fell down lightly

And said, “oh! Mum”


She came running

And hugged me tight

And two warm tears

Fell on my cheeks

And my heart cried


What my mom is to me

My angel found in me

My mom’s blessings

Now are mine

To share and to light


Few hands have lost

Their soul and guide

Hiding in the clouds

Are their mums

Watching them alright


My friends,

Do not loose heart

She is their, smiling

Feeling proud,

Looking at you

Living life right


The blessings God gave me

The biggest is my mum

My mom’s Affection

And my motherly love

Hope stays with me forever


My mom’s love for me

And my love for my angel

Makes me shine

To be a daughter

And to be a mother

Makes me alive.




Small moments

Witness a big day

Tiny hands

Warm an empty heart

A loving beloved

Brings joy to a lonely soul


Life is like that

To fill a well of hopes

Each smile counts

A little longer

A little stronger

Walking a step a day

The journey does gets nicer


And that’s what I do

Every step, each day

Grabbing the moments

Tiny hands in my hands

With my beloved on my side

I live my life , whatever I get

Pain or rainbow of sunshine


I witness my big day

Filling my heart with love

And my soul with laughter

A empty book with new chapter

My whole being comes alive

And that’s what my life is all about